I need a time machine

Please transport me back to the non-fiction version of the USA.  You know the one where the media-created bag of hot air and the crazy uncle aren’t in charge.

After seeing the President’s supposed “rope-a-dope” in the first debate followed by Biden doing his best imitation of Batman’s Joker in the VP debate, I want to return to the real world.I actually heard a media commentator say that it was important for Ryan to show that he wasn’t too inexperienced to serve as Vice President, after all he’s only been a member of the House for 13 years. Let’s see, who was the guy we elected President after serving almost 4 years in the Senate (half of that campaigning).  He’s now served almost four years as President (half of that campaigning).  Evidently, the media conceded that Ryan did accomplish the goal of being VP worthy while being outdebated by Biden.  Based on Biden’s performance, the qualifications to be VP are relatively simple – just go out and be loud and say what you are told to say.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the liberal mindset (to the degree that a conservative could) and I understand how well the Dems have cultivated their voting blocks.  But, only in a fictional version of this country, could someone who has never held a real job, been able to fulfill only a small, if any, portion of his promises and dismantled our foreign policy, be re-elected.

Hopefully, the authors of this fiction don’t have a catastrophic ending for this country in mind for their final chapter.

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