How to deal with illegal immigrants

First published in August, 2016.  Slight modifications, including title change, to reflect that Trump is now president.

During the campaign, Donald Trump said he would implement a firm but fair immigration policy.  That hasn’t happened yet so I’ve taken a shot at some of the specifics of how to handle the illegal immigrants who are currently in the U.S (including DACA recipients). These ideas assume Congress follows through on Trump’s plan to build a wall on the southern border seriously limiting the inflow of illegal immigrants.

  1. Illegal immigrants who would like to stay in this country but are willing to give up on ever being citizens would be given a chance to register as a “special” resident alien within (NN-pick a number) days. Illegal immigrants who ultimately desire to become residents must leave the country within NN days.  They can re-enter later under reformed immigration laws to be addressed by Congress.
  2. No illegal currently accused of committing a felony would be allowed to register unless the felony is cleared from their record.
  3. Any illegal who remains in the country but does not register would be deported if discovered by normal processes and would not be subject to legal re-entry for a period of 5 years.
  4. “Special” resident aliens would be given green cards subject to annual renewal based on remaining actively employed and paying applicable taxes, i. e., “special” resident  aliens would not be subject to welfare support more than 90 days in any calendar year. They, as non-citizens,  would have no voting rights.  They can never apply for citizenship unless they leave the country and come back under the then current immigration laws.
  5. Any special resident alien who is found guilty of a felony would be automatically deported.
  6. ICE would focus on hunting down and deporting all illegals who have committed felony crimes.
  7. Any municipality not adhering to this policy would not receive any federal funding. Any state not adhering to these laws, would not receive any federal funding. Government officials would be subject to criminal punishment for non-adherence.
  8. Congress would be asked to reform current immigration policies to emphasize protecting American workers while meeting the needs of employers requiring specialized skills that cannot be filled within the U.S. workforce. Strict tests for the latter should be part of the policy.
  9. Immigration for humanitarian reasons should be incorporated into the policy but only coincident with verifiable vetting processes.

Obviously, I’ve left more than a few holes in the policy.  For instance, how do other laws that we have for resident aliens apply to “special” resident aliens?

Any policy change must not cave to the liberals’ path to citizenship for all illegals (just their realization of another voting constituency), but it must realize that there are illegals here who can participate in our society and economy in a positive way.

Charlottesville’s – the example of Never Trump Disease

The media and everyone who didn’t want Trump to be President just accepts and propagates the media’s narrative that Trump is a racist. Where everyone who knows him denies that without reservation.  The Charlottesville 24/7 news cycle is a great example of how the “Never Trump Disease” has become epidemic.  Go back and listen for yourself all of Trump’s speeches/”press conference meltdown” on the issue.  See if you can really find anything in there that would merit Trump being called a white supremacist; however, the media has no problem creating and disseminating the untruth to keep the news cycle rolling.  Neither do politicians if it serves their purpose: either coming out of irrelevance or setting the stage for more political drama where they are the star.

What’s forgotten in all of this and never was or probably will never be a mainstream news item, is Obama’s role in all of this hatred that seems to be  permeating the country.  There is, of course, a question of just how many people are part of this and who’s really behind it.

Back to Obama.  He was only qualified to do one thing when he was elected President.  That was, as a black man, to begin the process of ending the stench of slavery that has hung over this country for over 150 years. Not only didn’t he do that, he actually exacerbated the issue by further dividing the country along racial lines.  He further divided the country along every other boundary he could find, but that’s another story.

Think about it, a black man rises to the presidency, surrounds himself with black cabinet members and then encourages the country to believe the country hasn’t made enormous progress in separating itself from the past.  His presence in the White House should have been the catalyst to put slavery into history to be remembered, but not relived everyday going forward.  Every young person of color “should have been given carte blanche to say “I can be successfulI, I can rise”.

To blame Trump for any of Charlottesville, is convenient to the denizens of the liberal cesspool and the Swamp, but it is intellectually dishonest.  Nothing he said afterwards or before merits that attribution.

New Media Dictionary

It seems that Webster’s will have to work on their dictionary to bring it up to date after this election.

The media has successfully expanded the definition of at least three “threatening/criminal” words to cover Donald Trump.

Let’s begin with xenophobe.  Webster’s definition:  one unduly fearful of what is foreign and especially of people of foreign origin

Media’s definition:  Trump – fearful of radical Islamic terrorists and Muslims who cannot be vetted.

Next, misogynist.  Webster’s definition: a hatred of women

Media’s definition: Trump – speaks disrespectfully of women who attack him, accused of touching, kissing, or groping women, and believes some women are better looking than other women

Next, sexual predator:  Webster’s definition:   a person who has committed a sexually violent offense and especially one who is likely to commit more sexual offenses

Media’s definition: Trump – speaks disrespectfully of women who attack him, accused of touching, kissing, or groping women, and believes some women are better looking than other women

None of Trump’s supporters or surrogates have taken issue with this. Especially the sexual predator one.  Sexual predator is actually a legal term and not only should his surrogates take issue with whether the allegations given media coverage without being substantiated but, more importantly, the use of such a criminal term to describe the alleged allegations.