What will stop the madness?

Unfortunately, I spend too much time thinking about the answer to this question.  What is the madness I reference?  The transition of our country to something our forefathers would not recognize.  In fact, I would contend that they went to war to free themselves from a government that was much less inept than the one we have in Washington today.

Those of us who called ourselves Republicans believed that all would be well when the Republican party was in control.  That was the party of conservative thinking and balanced views.  In the words of Lee Corso – “not so fast my friends”.  The country has gotten to the state it is in with both Democratic and Republican presidents and majorities at the helm.  What has caused the problem?  First and foremost, it has been caused by the simple fact that not everyone agrees there is a problem.  Beyond that, it gets tougher to identify the root cause.  Is it the abundance that the American people have enjoyed as a group?  Is it greed as our current president espouses?  Is it fiscal and moral blindness? I could go on with a lot more of these questions and believe that each one I typed would contribute to the problem.

We have now settled into complacency.  Yes, there are groups like “Tea Party version ..” that are trying to get everyone’s attention.  The media has and uses their ability to make them a sideshow rather than a center stage act. They may be successful in changing the campaign speeches that are given to be elected but I suspect that’s about the extent of their impact. We know so many things that need to change, yet we continue to send people to Washington who forget to change them once they arrive.

So, back to the original question.  What will stop the madness?  I suspect that catastrophe will be the answer.  In 2001, I thought that our country received and heard the wake up call and that it would drive us to unite to become a sane people – focused on the great things that are available to us and the real probability they could be taken away.  That lasted a while; however, politics and time quickly removed that day and it’s potential for positive change.  I suspect and hope the next catastrophe will not be rooted in violence or terror.  I suspect it will be one of a financial nature that will make the “Great Recession” look like lost pocket change.

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