Can Journalism commit mass suicide again?

I wrote several pieces during the 2008 Presidential election that said in summary – “Journalism has committed mass suicide”.  My logic was based on the role the media played in electing a man to the presidency that was unqualified by every rational measure.  Not only did they not vet him, they attacked his opponents without remorse to make sure that they dictated the outcome of the election.

Now we are faced with a repeat performance.  If these same journalists had committed something more real than literary suicide they wouldn’t be around for Act II.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case. They continue to be totally in the bag for a president who has shown that he has no real understanding of the founding principles of the country he purports to lead. Or, if he understands those principles, he abhors them. He and his administration can do and say anything without fear that the mainstream media will provide coverage of their discrepancies, lies, constitutional violations, etc.  On the other side, they continue to hang on every word and action of his opponent.  They explode his every gaff (and invent them when needed) and obscure every positive message.

Reporting “news” is a thing of the past.  What’s reported is structured to support their desired outcome- that the country remain in the hands of an administration that crosses the boundary of liberalism and moves to some hybrid form of socialism, fascism, and communism.  Why this is true has most of us in the conservative world left dumfounded.  Possibly it’s the result of the liberal education that most so called journalists receive.  Possibly, it’s the desire to wield the power of the press in a grand fashion.  Whatever the case, it’s doing this country a great deal of harm.

It’s hard to believe much less write about the fall of such an institution as journalism.  I can remember a time in my life where front page news followed a formula of who, what, where, when, why and sometimes how.  If you wanted something other than that you had to move to the editorial or opinion page of the paper.  Now, however, so called journalists seem to report – “Here’s what I want you to know and believe”.  It’s more than sad.  Of course, written print has been replaced by 24 hour reporting on television/radio and the ever present Internet.  Any hack, including me, can write what they want and if they find someone willing to give it broad dissemination then whatever they write can have a broad impact – hence, “it must be true, I saw it on the Internet”.

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