What is a “greater future America”

Senator Marco Rubio said the following in his inaugural speech in the Senate:  “If we give America a government that could live within its means, the American economy will give us a government of considerable means. A government that can afford to pay for the things government should be doing, because it does not waste money on the things government should not be doing.  If we can deliver on a few simple but important things, we have the chance to do something that’s difficult to imagine is even possible: an America whose future will be greater than her past.”

While I totally cherish both the words and what I believe Senator Rubio means by them, I seriously doubt that our current administration agrees with him on what it means to deliver “an America whose future will be greater than her past”.  While Senator Rubio believes in and hopefully will work for an America who continues to lead the world in economic development and the pursuit of self-determination for all, I believe the current administration has a vision of a “future greater America” that is viewed as a kinder, gentler nation that is non-threatening and compliant to/with the rest of the nations of this world. In other words, not a nation that leads the world but one that melds into it.

The current administration believes that its goal can only be achieved once the government has full control of our lives and the economy.  They are supported by several diverse groups.  There’s the guilty rich, the blindly liberal, the truly poor, the lazy (psuedo-poor) and the illegals.  I’ll refrain from trying to give my definition of each of these groups.  Enough of my view should be apparent from the words I’ve used to classify them.  The most important point is that for Senator Rubio and those of us who share his view of a “greater America”,  those groups have been successfully cultivated to outnumber us.

The guilty rich and the blindly liberal are the most interesting.  They believe that the liberal point of view that supports the government’s malicious interference in all things will bring about a better society for all and that will make them feel good and be better people.  We will be a better nation in the eyes of the world because we care so much about everyone.  The problem, of course, is when you pursue a path that places as many people on government subsistence as possible, you do the most damage to the people who most need help.  By dispersing handouts to a large group of people to maintain a voting block, you take away assistance that could be provided to those who are in true and desperate need of it.  As a side effect, you destroy the economy.

What does all that have to do with the subject of this view?  Well, as our government becomes more and more focused on total control of our economy and on creating a totally dependent non-participating voting block our ability to lead the world economy and even participate in the world economy is obviated.  A group of people who are content with entitlements from the government and continue to vote for a politicians who maintain and increase those entitlements cannot possibly compete or contribute to an economic world that is growing more competitive day by day.  A government whose monetary policy requires it to borrow money, print money or take money away from the individuals who actually want to follow the formula that made America great cannot thrive.

How do we fix it?  Look to our past to define our future.

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