Father of slain Muslim US soldier speech to Dems

No argument that this speech was incredibly moving and well placed in the Dem’s convention.  It’s typical of the type of story that the Dems take advantage of over and over to solidify their base and grasp for voters outside their base.

Like most people, I feel sorry for the father and understand his anger at hearing anti-Muslim rhetoric in the media and supposedly from Donald Trump.  But, I would like you to consider two issues that the liberal media won’t address concerning this speech.

First, even if you consider what Trump said early in his campaign about banning all Muslim immigrants (he has since softened that language), there’s some additional thought you need to give to that.  If Trump manages to get elected and somehow is allowed to ban all Muslim immigration for a period of time, he will stop some Muslim families who would be wonderful additions to the U.S. from entering the country.  Included in the group may even be some Muslim children or young adults who will eventually enlist in the armed forces and serve our country honorably.  If Hillary gets elected and follows through on increasing immigration from the Middle East to 65,000 or more, she may admit 10s, 100s, even 1000s of individuals who will find a way to wreak havoc on this country.  Interesting trade-off.

Second, the father’s anger is justified when you consider what he believes to be distrust of all Muslims.  Considering his son’s sacrifice and his own life that is more than understandable.  However, part of this comes from the Dems successfully eliminating the distinctions between immigration and illegal immigration and more importantly in this matter the difference between peaceful Muslims and radical Islamic terrorists.  Trump and conservatives have no problem clearly delineating the difference.  Dems use the convenience of this blurring in their attacks on Trump and conservative thinkers alike.  It’s one of their best tools.

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