Charlottesville’s – the example of Never Trump Disease

The media and everyone who didn’t want Trump to be President just accepts and propagates the media’s narrative that Trump is a racist. Where everyone who knows him denies that without reservation.  The Charlottesville 24/7 news cycle is a great example of how the “Never Trump Disease” has become epidemic.  Go back and listen for yourself all of Trump’s speeches/”press conference meltdown” on the issue.  See if you can really find anything in there that would merit Trump being called a white supremacist; however, the media has no problem creating and disseminating the untruth to keep the news cycle rolling.  Neither do politicians if it serves their purpose: either coming out of irrelevance or setting the stage for more political drama where they are the star.

What’s forgotten in all of this and never was or probably will never be a mainstream news item, is Obama’s role in all of this hatred that seems to be  permeating the country.  There is, of course, a question of just how many people are part of this and who’s really behind it.

Back to Obama.  He was only qualified to do one thing when he was elected President.  That was, as a black man, to begin the process of ending the stench of slavery that has hung over this country for over 150 years. Not only didn’t he do that, he actually exacerbated the issue by further dividing the country along racial lines.  He further divided the country along every other boundary he could find, but that’s another story.

Think about it, a black man rises to the presidency, surrounds himself with black cabinet members and then encourages the country to believe the country hasn’t made enormous progress in separating itself from the past.  His presence in the White House should have been the catalyst to put slavery into history to be remembered, but not relived everyday going forward.  Every young person of color “should have been given carte blanche to say “I can be successfulI, I can rise”.

To blame Trump for any of Charlottesville, is convenient to the denizens of the liberal cesspool and the Swamp, but it is intellectually dishonest.  Nothing he said afterwards or before merits that attribution.

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