This site is a spinoff of my original One Citizens View blog.  The only place that now exists is at my WordPress blog site (http://onecitizensview.wordpress.com).  The entries there are aged over a year.  I wrote them at a time when I felt like I had a lot to say.  Those blogs began with my view of how President Bush could have salvaged his Presidency and possibly his legacy.  I transitioned into discussing areas where I thought the folks running our government had lost their collective minds and I finished with a discussion of the insanity of our fiscal management. If you want a historical view of my thoughts you can find it there. I’ve included the last entry from there (March 2008) because it will give you an idea of how I think and in my opinion it stills seems like an appropriate viewpoint.

This site transistions One Citizen’s View into being not only about my writing periodic entries about things I care about, but also about giving others a chance to express their view.  The name of the site should be consistent with that philosophy.  That is, when you read my entries realize that they are just one citizen’s view, mine.  If you post a comment in the “Your View” section and way-in on a topic, realize that what you are writing is just one citizen’s view, yours.

I will try to let everything happen naturally on the site as long as it remains above trashy.  I won’t censor views that I don’t agree with; however, I may post an opposing point of view.  I offer that same opportunity to all who participate.

Hope you find this site a useful place to hang out!