Open Letter to Beto O’Rourke

Dear Robert,

Would like to throw my support to you but I need a couple of clarifications.  On the open borders issue, how many “immigrants” would you like to take in – 15M, 20M, 30M. I assume we need enough to make sure Texas turns Blue and stays Blue ensuring no future Republican presidents.  Right?

How will we handle adding those numbers to our already overtaxed welfare, healthcare, and education systems?  Do you think we’ll have to build a lot more low-cost housing? Will it have any effect on our transportation systems?

Will we be able to cover some of the cost once we reduce the size of the Border Patrol and Abolish ICE?  Is that the plan? Do you actually have a limit on the number? If so, will we build a wall after that and ramp up the Border Patrol again or do you think the wall will be enough?

Also, given you want to have sensible gun laws, I assume it means getting rid of “assault weapons” like the AR-15 and AK-47 clones. Does it include the Ruger Mini? It’s as capable as the AR-15 so I’m sure you’ll have to include it.  Be careful letting ranchers know about that, a lot of them have carried it in the back of their truck for about 45 years.  They use it to control coyotes, feral hogs, and other varmints. There’s a few more you might want to take a look at.

On the legalizing all drugs, can we then reduce the DEA significantly and use that to cover the cost of the added “immigrants’? I think that makes sense.

Finally, as a conservative it was hard for me to move your way.  But your great hair, the skateboard thing and awesome guitar riffs got me thinking. Also, the way you have folded JFK, RFK, and Obama into your persona really got me heading your direction.


One Citizens View

How to deal with illegal immigrants

First published in August, 2016.  Slight modifications, including title change, to reflect that Trump is now president.

During the campaign, Donald Trump said he would implement a firm but fair immigration policy.  That hasn’t happened yet so I’ve taken a shot at some of the specifics of how to handle the illegal immigrants who are currently in the U.S (including DACA recipients). These ideas assume Congress follows through on Trump’s plan to build a wall on the southern border seriously limiting the inflow of illegal immigrants.

  1. Illegal immigrants who would like to stay in this country but are willing to give up on ever being citizens would be given a chance to register as a “special” resident alien within (NN-pick a number) days. Illegal immigrants who ultimately desire to become residents must leave the country within NN days.  They can re-enter later under reformed immigration laws to be addressed by Congress.
  2. No illegal currently accused of committing a felony would be allowed to register unless the felony is cleared from their record.
  3. Any illegal who remains in the country but does not register would be deported if discovered by normal processes and would not be subject to legal re-entry for a period of 5 years.
  4. “Special” resident aliens would be given green cards subject to annual renewal based on remaining actively employed and paying applicable taxes, i. e., “special” resident  aliens would not be subject to welfare support more than 90 days in any calendar year. They, as non-citizens,  would have no voting rights.  They can never apply for citizenship unless they leave the country and come back under the then current immigration laws.
  5. Any special resident alien who is found guilty of a felony would be automatically deported.
  6. ICE would focus on hunting down and deporting all illegals who have committed felony crimes.
  7. Any municipality not adhering to this policy would not receive any federal funding. Any state not adhering to these laws, would not receive any federal funding. Government officials would be subject to criminal punishment for non-adherence.
  8. Congress would be asked to reform current immigration policies to emphasize protecting American workers while meeting the needs of employers requiring specialized skills that cannot be filled within the U.S. workforce. Strict tests for the latter should be part of the policy.
  9. Immigration for humanitarian reasons should be incorporated into the policy but only coincident with verifiable vetting processes.

Obviously, I’ve left more than a few holes in the policy.  For instance, how do other laws that we have for resident aliens apply to “special” resident aliens?

Any policy change must not cave to the liberals’ path to citizenship for all illegals (just their realization of another voting constituency), but it must realize that there are illegals here who can participate in our society and economy in a positive way.

Charlottesville’s – the example of Never Trump Disease

The media and everyone who didn’t want Trump to be President just accepts and propagates the media’s narrative that Trump is a racist. Where everyone who knows him denies that without reservation.  The Charlottesville 24/7 news cycle is a great example of how the “Never Trump Disease” has become epidemic.  Go back and listen for yourself all of Trump’s speeches/”press conference meltdown” on the issue.  See if you can really find anything in there that would merit Trump being called a white supremacist; however, the media has no problem creating and disseminating the untruth to keep the news cycle rolling.  Neither do politicians if it serves their purpose: either coming out of irrelevance or setting the stage for more political drama where they are the star.

What’s forgotten in all of this and never was or probably will never be a mainstream news item, is Obama’s role in all of this hatred that seems to be  permeating the country.  There is, of course, a question of just how many people are part of this and who’s really behind it.

Back to Obama.  He was only qualified to do one thing when he was elected President.  That was, as a black man, to begin the process of ending the stench of slavery that has hung over this country for over 150 years. Not only didn’t he do that, he actually exacerbated the issue by further dividing the country along racial lines.  He further divided the country along every other boundary he could find, but that’s another story.

Think about it, a black man rises to the presidency, surrounds himself with black cabinet members and then encourages the country to believe the country hasn’t made enormous progress in separating itself from the past.  His presence in the White House should have been the catalyst to put slavery into history to be remembered, but not relived everyday going forward.  Every young person of color “should have been given carte blanche to say “I can be successfulI, I can rise”.

To blame Trump for any of Charlottesville, is convenient to the denizens of the liberal cesspool and the Swamp, but it is intellectually dishonest.  Nothing he said afterwards or before merits that attribution.

New Media Dictionary

It seems that Webster’s will have to work on their dictionary to bring it up to date after this election.

The media has successfully expanded the definition of at least three “threatening/criminal” words to cover Donald Trump.

Let’s begin with xenophobe.  Webster’s definition:  one unduly fearful of what is foreign and especially of people of foreign origin

Media’s definition:  Trump – fearful of radical Islamic terrorists and Muslims who cannot be vetted.

Next, misogynist.  Webster’s definition: a hatred of women

Media’s definition: Trump – speaks disrespectfully of women who attack him, accused of touching, kissing, or groping women, and believes some women are better looking than other women

Next, sexual predator:  Webster’s definition:   a person who has committed a sexually violent offense and especially one who is likely to commit more sexual offenses

Media’s definition: Trump – speaks disrespectfully of women who attack him, accused of touching, kissing, or groping women, and believes some women are better looking than other women

None of Trump’s supporters or surrogates have taken issue with this. Especially the sexual predator one.  Sexual predator is actually a legal term and not only should his surrogates take issue with whether the allegations given media coverage without being substantiated but, more importantly, the use of such a criminal term to describe the alleged allegations.

Father of slain Muslim US soldier speech to Dems

No argument that this speech was incredibly moving and well placed in the Dem’s convention.  It’s typical of the type of story that the Dems take advantage of over and over to solidify their base and grasp for voters outside their base.

Like most people, I feel sorry for the father and understand his anger at hearing anti-Muslim rhetoric in the media and supposedly from Donald Trump.  But, I would like you to consider two issues that the liberal media won’t address concerning this speech.

First, even if you consider what Trump said early in his campaign about banning all Muslim immigrants (he has since softened that language), there’s some additional thought you need to give to that.  If Trump manages to get elected and somehow is allowed to ban all Muslim immigration for a period of time, he will stop some Muslim families who would be wonderful additions to the U.S. from entering the country.  Included in the group may even be some Muslim children or young adults who will eventually enlist in the armed forces and serve our country honorably.  If Hillary gets elected and follows through on increasing immigration from the Middle East to 65,000 or more, she may admit 10s, 100s, even 1000s of individuals who will find a way to wreak havoc on this country.  Interesting trade-off.

Second, the father’s anger is justified when you consider what he believes to be distrust of all Muslims.  Considering his son’s sacrifice and his own life that is more than understandable.  However, part of this comes from the Dems successfully eliminating the distinctions between immigration and illegal immigration and more importantly in this matter the difference between peaceful Muslims and radical Islamic terrorists.  Trump and conservatives have no problem clearly delineating the difference.  Dems use the convenience of this blurring in their attacks on Trump and conservative thinkers alike.  It’s one of their best tools.

Where oh Where has my country gone?

Not sure where my country went.

  • My country was governed by rule of law, not the ideologies of 9 political surrogates.
  • My country was for the people, by the people not for and by a bunch of political elites dedicated to social engineering
  • My country encouraged individual achievement, not freeloading
  • My country was populated by individuals who were either a man or a woman, not one of 31 different genders
  • My country led the world in protecting freedom loving individuals from ruthless tyrants, not enabling them
  • My country had a constitution that could only be changed by amendments not by presidential edict
  • My country was “exceptional” not common

Is the government the new moral authority?

Has the government now become the official moral authority of the land?

Let’s say I’m a business owner and I believe all citizens should have equal civil rights. So, I’m OK with same-sex marriage.  I don’t discriminate against gays, lesbians, transexuals, people of color, Christians, agnostics, atheists, etc.  But, I have this burning desire to have the people who work in my company exhibit outstanding moral character.  If one of my male employees punches out a female, I report him to the authorities and fire him.  If I discover someone is a pedophile, I report him/her to the authorities and fire him/her.  So far, so good.  Those things are against current laws.  My moral compass and my legal compass are pointing the same direction.  What if my moral compass doesn’t accept employees having sex in their office.  Can I fire employees who do that?  What if my moral compass doesn’t accept employees who brag about being promiscuous. Can I fire them? What if my moral compass doesn’t accept employees who like to have sex with both male and female partners (this one’s important, it’s the B in LGBT).  Can I fire them?  What if my moral compass doesn’t accept employees who are cheating on their spouses.  Can I fire them?

My point is that if my desire to have employees of good moral character lines up with existing laws, then I’m OK. If my definition of good moral character isn’t consistent with current civil laws, then I will likely be guilty of discrimination against something.  Hence, the government is now the moral authority of the land.

Higgs Boson vs God

Every time I run across an article about the Higgs Boson I read it.  There are a couple of reasons.  First, I think if I read enough about the Higgs Boson particle, I might actually begin to understand what the scientists are saying.  Second, I find it incredibly interesting that decades and endless amounts of time and money have been consumed trying to prove and disprove the existence of this particle.

In thinking about it, it’s really not unlike what those of us who believe in God have been doing for a much longer period of time.  The scientists want to find an explanation of how mass first came into existence and therefore must find something that they can describe, quantify, and in a sense “see”.   We believers pretty much have done the same thing with God.

Some say that believing in God really only requires faith and, in fact, may be the best definition of the word “faith”; however, in exercising that belief most of us try to think of God in terms that we as humans can understand.  That is, it is really impossible (at least in my limited intellect) to fully understand the concept of an entity that always was and always will be.  An entity that just existed and then made all other things that we know exist.  It doesn’t matter, faith fills the gap.

Going back to the Higgs Boson, scientists are doing exactly the same thing.  They are using the science of particle physics to explain the physical existence of all things.  Therefore, they must come up with a beginning, a “first thing”.  In their scientific world, the Higgs Boson is that thing.  They will eventually prove to their satisfaction that the particle exists.  Some say they already have.  Its existence will be defined according to science.  It will be their reason that all matter exists.  They will then have found their entity that always was and always will be.  They won’t have a scientific answer to the “always” issue but it won’t matter.  They have something that fits into their scientific version of faith.

I was in the audience when a bright high school science student asked a famous physicist if he believed in intelligent design.  He paused a moment and then gave the student an answer that ended with “let science explain how and let religion explain why”.  The audience of about 250 was very quiet for a while.

I need a time machine

Please transport me back to the non-fiction version of the USA.  You know the one where the media-created bag of hot air and the crazy uncle aren’t in charge.

After seeing the President’s supposed “rope-a-dope” in the first debate followed by Biden doing his best imitation of Batman’s Joker in the VP debate, I want to return to the real world.I actually heard a media commentator say that it was important for Ryan to show that he wasn’t too inexperienced to serve as Vice President, after all he’s only been a member of the House for 13 years. Let’s see, who was the guy we elected President after serving almost 4 years in the Senate (half of that campaigning).  He’s now served almost four years as President (half of that campaigning).  Evidently, the media conceded that Ryan did accomplish the goal of being VP worthy while being outdebated by Biden.  Based on Biden’s performance, the qualifications to be VP are relatively simple – just go out and be loud and say what you are told to say.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the liberal mindset (to the degree that a conservative could) and I understand how well the Dems have cultivated their voting blocks.  But, only in a fictional version of this country, could someone who has never held a real job, been able to fulfill only a small, if any, portion of his promises and dismantled our foreign policy, be re-elected.

Hopefully, the authors of this fiction don’t have a catastrophic ending for this country in mind for their final chapter.

Can Journalism commit mass suicide again?

I wrote several pieces during the 2008 Presidential election that said in summary – “Journalism has committed mass suicide”.  My logic was based on the role the media played in electing a man to the presidency that was unqualified by every rational measure.  Not only did they not vet him, they attacked his opponents without remorse to make sure that they dictated the outcome of the election.

Now we are faced with a repeat performance.  If these same journalists had committed something more real than literary suicide they wouldn’t be around for Act II.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case. They continue to be totally in the bag for a president who has shown that he has no real understanding of the founding principles of the country he purports to lead. Or, if he understands those principles, he abhors them. He and his administration can do and say anything without fear that the mainstream media will provide coverage of their discrepancies, lies, constitutional violations, etc.  On the other side, they continue to hang on every word and action of his opponent.  They explode his every gaff (and invent them when needed) and obscure every positive message.

Reporting “news” is a thing of the past.  What’s reported is structured to support their desired outcome- that the country remain in the hands of an administration that crosses the boundary of liberalism and moves to some hybrid form of socialism, fascism, and communism.  Why this is true has most of us in the conservative world left dumfounded.  Possibly it’s the result of the liberal education that most so called journalists receive.  Possibly, it’s the desire to wield the power of the press in a grand fashion.  Whatever the case, it’s doing this country a great deal of harm.

It’s hard to believe much less write about the fall of such an institution as journalism.  I can remember a time in my life where front page news followed a formula of who, what, where, when, why and sometimes how.  If you wanted something other than that you had to move to the editorial or opinion page of the paper.  Now, however, so called journalists seem to report – “Here’s what I want you to know and believe”.  It’s more than sad.  Of course, written print has been replaced by 24 hour reporting on television/radio and the ever present Internet.  Any hack, including me, can write what they want and if they find someone willing to give it broad dissemination then whatever they write can have a broad impact – hence, “it must be true, I saw it on the Internet”.